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Welcome to Branding Matters.When it comes to building your brand, everything matters.

In these times when the pressure from shareholders is as intense as the pressure from competition, your brand performance is more important than ever. From your brand identity to your brand positioning, from your employee brand behavior leading to a superior brand experience, everything needs to be pulling hard and in the same direction.

Brand Spanking News

Today, 1:34 PM EST Time
Creativity Gap?

The dust is just now settling on the infamous re-branding effort that turned out to be a false start and a stubbed toe for Gap Inc. Much of the buzz in marketing circles is centered on how loyal brand believers came to the rescue of the brand, to save it from a fall into the breach (or the gap) of brand irrelevance. The agency was fingered as an accomplice to the crime, for leading the client to a decision point that was a proper from a market research perspective yet woefully ignorant from a customer relationship standpoint. In our opinion, Gap Inc. had lost its way long before the agency work was commissioned.

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