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In this most difficult economic period, every brand value equation is subject to new laws of gravity. Premium brands are discounting, some for the first time, to compete with price brands who are enjoying trial from customers who less two years ago would never have considered them. But then, who would have believed that long-standing brands like AIG, Chrysler, General Motors, The New York Times and Eddie Bauer would become endangered species or even extinct?

It would be easy to point to financial mis-management as the cause of the demise of these companies, but that would overlook the original source of their vulnerability: a value proposition that is undistinctive and ripe for substitution. A product or service brand that delivers a differentiated benefit and has an emotional hold on its customers owns the only real defense
for a down market.

This is why brands matter, and why branding matters. Your customer preferences are shifting, your competitors are closing in from multiple directions, and your resources have never been scarcer or more critical to apply properly. You know what a winning brand strategy will achieve: not just survival in the short term, but a solid foundation for long-term growth. But do you know what that strategy is, and how to best implement it? If no, contact us and let’s start the discussion!